End of Term Recoveries

Over recent years lessors have become increasingly aware of the importance of realising maximum value of assets which become available at the expiry of agreements. In response to this ebm have progressively developed processes to support our customers in this typically high volume/comparatively low value area.

ebm are ideally postioned to manage either the total function of lessors or any intergal part depending on lessors specific requirements.

Where the requirement is simply to recover and remarket assets.

ebm offer a nationwide service for the complete range of assets and have procedures in place to minimise lessors’ administrative burden by working from spreadsheets or system generated reports rather than individual instructions.

ebm’s in-depth asset knowledge and ability to react quickly will ensure that assets are secured as a priority and maximum values are obtained.

Where there is scope to conduct ‘on-site’ sales to lessees. ebm are ideally placed to generate maximum income for lessors Our in-depth knowledge of asset values allows us to obtain the best possible price.

The fact that we are able to recover assets at the short notice concludes negotiations quickly and effectively

Our understanding of lessor/supplier/vendor relationships allows us to overcome obstacles re. ‘Put options’ etc​​

Obtaining payment when invoices have been issued presents minimal problems for ebm because of the lessees understanding that we are in a postion to recover the relevant asset at short notice.

Generally ebm’s involvement in this function avoids potential Lessor problems with regard to tax issues, payment collection issues and supplier/vendor pressures etc.